Welcome to Issue 10

Editor's Letter

We're proud to present you with our 10th (or is that 11th?) issue! When we started this project nearly 4 years ago our goal was to help people understand the lore of Guild Wars 2 and get to know all of the hidden creativity that's abundant in the Guild Wars fan community. While you're always free to submit your own pieces to submit@guildmag.com we've rounded up a nice amount of lore and fan-made creativities for you in this issue!

The focus of this issue are the Shiverpeaks. Inside you'll be able to explore the Shiverpeaks one piece at a time with our new exploration article, which gives you a guidance to read through our issue at your own leisure. You'll get to know more about the norn, jotun, the religions of the Shiverpeaks, Jormag, the Durmand Priory and others! We've also included a handy catch-up article for the current Living World story related to Scarlet Briar. Perfect for those that are rejoining us again to enjoy the Edge of the Mists and more.

Ollannach - Project Lead

In This Issue...