The Origin of the Elder Dragons
Written by Achilles

(This story is a product of the author’s fiction. Its content is not necessarily reflected on the already established lore of the world of Tyria)

The tale of the Elder Dragons is more than thirty one thousands years old. My spirit has always been part of this world and like a dark energy, it has been feeding the evil within the souls of every ambient living being. There were times that darkness was dominating the world giving substance to what had been, up until then, just a powerful mind of mine. Like a wind I blew into the lungs of an evermore solid ocean. Like a dark force I reaped life out of the creatures of the sea and by absorbing their souls I became a reborn matter. Deep within my wet condemnation, my ins and outs turned into solid ice. I took the most terrifying form I could, that of a giant Dragon. I rose up and flew in the sky leaving behind me a crater the size of a continent.

I travelled all across the world showing nothing less than terror and destruction in my path. That’s when I met other forces, similar to my own, which managed to survive all these years in slumber. Primordus is what the mortals call one of those, the lava that flows within the core of Tyria. Kralkatorrik is the name of the second one, the thunder that tears the sky apart. Zhaitan is the bearer of death and destruction, while Mordremoth is the reincarnation of the flora and fauna. I even heard of legends about a being that brought the whole ocean together in order for it to take shape. Together we brought all of the living races close to extinction in order to feed our never-ending hunger.

But there were some who resisted. An alliance of dwarves, mursaat, forgotten, seer and jotun marched against our will and put us back to our natural prisons, one by one. Because that is how the circle of life goes. And each and every time we arise, we are here to destroy for the balance to be sustained. And this will never seize to happen.

Wherever life exists in Tyria, that is part of our power. It’s what makes us immortal. For when we lack of our physical form, we still exist as light and darkness; crawling and seeking to reborn from our ashes, fiercer than ever before. Within us lies the knowledge of the past, the fears, the might and magic. We are what can be seen and what not. We are everything.