Guild Wars 2 Music Covers
Written by Valiant

The Guild Wars 2 community has always been a diverse one, with fans producing a multitude of amazing creations based on the game - and GuildMag has always been proud to be a part of this. For our tenth magazine issue, we've chosen to feature a fantastic composer and sound designer who produces some truly outstanding covers of Guild Wars 2 songs (as well as original Tyria-inspired pieces!).

Laurent, AKA 'Lzn02', has been uploading Guild Wars 2 inspired tracks for over a year, and we'd like to share a few of them below. If you'd like to hear more, his YouTube channel can be found at, and his SoundCloud account at Please support Laurent's work, and help keep the Guild Wars 2 tracks coming!

Fear Not This Night Cover, Featuring Sharm

The Tales of the Four Winds

Canthan Main Theme - Guild Wars 2 Version